The Commerce of Cannabis: Investing and Raising Capital

December 13, 2018

Monterey Cannabis Summit
Presented by MCCIA + CCIA

Sherri will be presenting as a panelist…

This panel will focus on the wide range of funding opportunities for both large and small-scale cannabis businesses and the realities that ensue in these types of partnerships.  The panelists will discuss the legal responsibilities and ramifications for both the investors and the invested party; what potential investors are looking for and expect from these investments, and the types of investments to pursue whether it’s for start-up, expansion and/or upgrade purposes, and the tax implications.

Moderator Paul Henderson, CEO, Grupo Flor
  • Tom Neukranz, Head of Capital Markets, CleanFund Commercial Pace Capital
  • Sherri Haskell, CEO and Founder, CannaAngels
  • Chris Steinbruner, Partner, Steinbruner Hill CPAs



Monterey Cannabis Summit, Monterey CA

2 Portola Plaza

Monterey, CA