Maximizing Potential


Investment Parameters

  • Founders, Team
  • Start-up Experience
  • Minimum Viable Product Proof of Concept, Patents, IP
  • First mover – innovation
  • Traction
  • Scalability
  • Affinity for Tech Driven models

Investment Stage

  • Prefer Early Stage
  • Seed Stage – Prior Raise
  • One year run rate Series A


Offering a Multifaceted Approach to Risk Management

investors-with-circleCanna Angels, LLC Offers a Multifaceted Approach to Risk Management

Our exceptional team of advisors and mentors, supported by serial entrepreneurs with notable exits, provides deep expertise across diverse business sectors including: legal, financial, real estate, branding, marketing as well as specific cannabis industry infrastructures.

Canna Angels, LLC rigorously screens companies, founders, and the launch teams through a well-defined, tested, comprehensive process.

Our synergistic relationships with cannabis industry business incubators and accelerators provide on-going access to best-in-class startup companies.

As a unique and unprecedented provision to funding with Canna Angels, LLC, all capitalized portfolio companies will be offered to complete post-funding oversight provided through our Masters Mentoring. In this way, we are providing much needed follow-on guidance to further assure success after funding.