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Plant Sciences, Genetics

Genetic breeding and phenomes research represents the most cutting edge sector within the industry. Techniques are now being used in advanced laboratories to map the cannabis genome and find the most desirable traits.


Bio-Science, Medical Engineering

It has been discovered that not only THC, but many cannabinoids and terpenes can be developed using alternative sources in biosynthesis, enabling scientists to produce the compounds at a fraction of the cost of natural growth processes.


Real Estate

As the industry is seeing an explosive growth, the demand for real estate in various asset classes is rising dramatically; agriculture, warehouse, retail, business campuses.


Analytics & Certification, Data Information

As the market liberalizes, so too does our ability to collect new and valuable information on consumer preferences and growth trends. This explosion of new data provides the previously unavailable analysis needed within the industry.


Agriculture Technology, Bio-dynamics

Advances in agricultural technology, from lighting systems to hydroponics have allowed cannabis growers to massively increase yield, potency and efficiency in operations. This trend shows no sign of slowing in the coming years.


Regulations Relations, Consulting, Compliance

As individual states and municipalities pass new regulations on cannabis, the demand for cannabis-focused legal experts and software based compliance systems has risen in lock-step.


Extraction and Refinement

The ability to extract key cannabinoids such as THC and CBD from cannabis has fueled the growth of new and diverse consumption methods.



Cultivation practices are at the heart of the industry. Technology and innovative practices are needed to assure production, health and safety of the final product.


Formulations, Infused Products, Analytic Labs

As infused products, edibles and tinctures gain strong market share, the importance of precise, standardized analytics, consistency and safety is increasingly being mandated.

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