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Entrepreneurs are Innovation Driven and are always ready to Challenge Conventional Business Knowledge. Often, Cohesive Execution calls for Powerful, Experienced, and unanticipated Catalysts.

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Under the leadership of Sherri Haskell, our team of seasoned professionals has seen firsthand how even the most brilliant visionary entrepreneurs may struggle with the daunting demands of operational execution and the complexities of capital markets.

Although a gifted entrepreneur may be exceptional at creating unique, often disruptive, innovations of products or services, foundational elements and other operational challenges can be overwhelming to navigate without expert guidance.

Guiding Entrepreneurs with Expertise & Insight

Mastering the ability to steer through significant obstacles such as capital markets, corporate governance, and management challenges is essential for both near-term success and long-term sustainability. Our mission at Capital Dynamics is to support visionary entrepreneurs from all sectors in overcoming these hurdles, unlocking your business potential, and propelling you ahead of the competition.

25 Years of Experience

With over 25 years of experience in capital markets, Sherri Haskell has thrived in various roles, such as stockbroker and commodities trader for 12+ years, featured in financial best seller: Alexander Elder’s Entries and Exits, and owner/manager of Capital Dynamics Hedge Fund during the tumultuous period of 2007/08. She has emerged from these challenges unscathed and ready for more. Sherri’s subsequent years include an exceptionally successful tenure in private equity, where she co-launched thirteen private funds, raised total capital for all, and later founded Canna Angels, LLC as its CEO.

With three securities licenses (series 7, 63, 65) under her belt and as a Registered Investment Advisor, Sherri has successfully raised over $150 million across a diverse array of ventures, spanning from early-stage development to publicly traded enterprises and private funds. Her passion for equestrianism, coaching horsemanship, and traveling across ten different countries on horseback further enriches her fortitude, wealth of experience, diverse knowledge, confidence and empathy, which she brings to her consulting and advisory services.

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Sherri Haskell was featured in Business Insider as one of The 15 Rising Stars of marijuana’s investment scene that everyone from Wall Street to Silicon Valley should know., May 2018

Top Reasons Start-Ups Fail:

Ran out of cash/failed to raise new capital
No market need
Got outcompeted
Flawed business model
Regulatory/legal challenges
Pricing/cost issues
Not the right team
Product Mistimed
Poor Product
Disharmony among team/investors
Pivot gone bad
Burned out/lacked passion

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