By Franco Faraudo, Direct Cannabis Network, Jan 2, 2017

Sherri Haskell, founder and CEO of the investment group Canna Angels LLC, is a petite woman, but her energy makes her seem much larger. I am 6’2” and I find myself standing up straighter when I am around her to match the size of her personality. This persona has, no doubt, not only helped her achieve her success in business, but also in her life’s passion: training horses.

I see many parallels between the two pursuits. She, above all else, has an eye for potential. Be it a wild horse, early stage company or a stock option, she has enjoyed success in identifying winners and giving them what they need to succeed. Now, as she sets her sights on establishing an angel investment consortium focused on early stage cannabis companies she will attempt to use her skills not only to benefit her group’s investors and portfolio companies, but to advance the nascent cannabis industry as well.

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