SAN FRANCISCO, California – July 12, 2017- Canna Angels LLC, a leading angel investment consortium focused on opportunities within the cannabis industry, today announced that RET. California State Senator Joe Dunn and Dr. Daniele Piomelli, PhD, Pharm.D., will be featured guests at the Canna Angels July 19 Founders Showcase.  At the event, they will discuss a collaborative initiative to launch one of the world’s first academic based and solely independent, interdisciplinary, cannabis research institutes – the UC Irvine Cannabis Research Institute. This initiative uniquely examines a broad base of scientific and cultural dynamics of cannabis influence across multiple spectrums of society. 

“We would like to thank Canna Angels for providing a needed forum for the ongoing industry discussion as well as advancing the mission of the research institute”, said Sen. Dunn. “We look forward to engaging with the industry leaders and influencers.”  “As the cannabis industry matures, academic-led research efforts are critical to understanding the evolving role that cannabis plays in our society,” stated Sherri Haskell, CEO and Founder of Canna Angels, LLC. “Ongoing cannabis research will reveal important discoveries, validations, and milestones as the industry matures and expands to meet numerous consumer and medical needs.”

Canna Angels will host this Showcase event for accredited investors, in San Francisco on July 19. At the Showcase, members will also hear from select exceptional entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry as they are vying for investment capital.  

Haskell continued, “Based on the overwhelming demand from our members and supporters throughout the world, we are pleased to be providing video which will subsequently be made available through our web site, and thereafter with live streaming of upcoming events.

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