Cannabis M&A to accelerate as valuations bounce back from 2019 drop

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S&P Global NEWS – 23 Sep, 2020 – Michael O’Connor | Jason Woleben

“M&A activity during the first half of this year has been quite subdued,” Sherri Haskell, CEO and founder of angel investment consortium Canna Angels LLC, said in an interview. “I imagine that is going to accelerate greatly in the second half of the year and the first half of next year.”

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A drop in company valuations complicated by the coronavirus-triggered capital squeeze hindered cannabis deal-making during the first half of 2020. However, experts say mergers and acquisitions in the fledgling industry will pick up heading into the new year.

Cannabis-related companies completed or announced 124 deals in the U.S. or Canada during the first seven months of 2020, less than half of the prior year’s total for the same period and even further behind 2018’s total, according to an analysis by S&P Global Market Intelligence. Capital raising for cannabis companies in 2020, meanwhile, continues to trail levels in either of the prior two years.

“If you look at what’s happened in the last year, especially with valuations in the cannabis industry, you’ll see that really severely limits the field of potential acquisitions,” Haskell of Canna Angels said. “In theory, it’s interesting for sure, however in practicality at this point in time I don’t see it being a great mover in the industry.”


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Fiona Ma. California State Treasurer
Sherri Haskell, Ceo & Founder, Canna Angels, Llc
Marc Hauser, Counsel/Co-Vice Chair. Cannabis Practice Group. Reed Smith, Llp
Ma-17 Nordgren, Ceo/Founder, Arcadian Fund & Arcadian Capital Management
Morgan Paxhia, Co-Founder/Managing Partner, Poseidon Asset Management

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Come join Sherri and fellow Hemp and Cannabis folks for our fun-packed event!

How does the coronavirus (COVID-19) affect the Legal Cannabis industry and the overall Cannabis industry? It’s an uncertain time for founders, operators, investors, and other members of the cannabis industry.  Join us for a discussion regarding:

  • Cannabis investment thesis, convictions, and predictions BEFORE and AFTER the coronavirus
  • Similarities and differences from the current climate to the last recession (2007-2009)
  • Status of federal legislative plans with respect to cannabis in light of the coronavirus
  • Any new industry trends in light of a potential new normal
  • Operating and fundraising as a CBD or THC company this year
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Founders Showcase – March 25, 2020

Due to Corona Virus concerns, we’ve decided to postpone this event…

What’s Next?

 Game-changing advances in cannabis technology!

Canna Angels brings you  the most relevant industry news, implications, and Entrepreneur Rising Stars making it happen.

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Sherri Haskell speaks to the World Services Group 2020 Meeting of the Americas

Sherri Haskell has been invited to speak on March 5, 2020 regarding Opportunities and Challenges posed by the current commercial, financial, and legal landscape of the rapidly growing international cannabis industry.


World Services Group ( is one of the world’s largest and leading networks of independent, premier legal, investment banking, and accounting firms. WSG is built on the expertise of each of the 23,000+ professionals at its more than 130 members firms representing 150+ locations worldwide. WSG brings together experts and innovators in law, investment banking, and accounting, including firm leaders and emerging leaders from across the globe, but primarily from the Latin and North American regions.

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Sherri Haskell speaks to the Cannabis Affinity Assembly of ProVisors

Sherri Haskell has been invited to speak on Feb 4, 2020 to the Cannabis Affinity assembly of ProVisors regarding a broad scope of information focusing on legal, political, and trending topics in the cannabis industry.


ProVisors, an elite and influential organization of top professionals working to ensure targeted collaboration,  accelerating best practices through extensive professional resourcing.

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Canna Angels Manages Extraordinary Growth of Portfolio in Competitive Industry

SAUSALITO, CA / BUSINESS WIRE / January 28, 2020 Canna Angels LLC, a dedicated angel investment consortium at the forefront of investment opportunities in the cannabis industry, announces their three year anniversary, boasting an outstanding alumni portfolio of 52 carefully curated companies as rising stars within the cannabis industry.

In less than three years, Canna Angels’ portfolio of companies has achieved five exits; four by acquisition and one by RTO on the Canadian exchange (CSE). Exits include the recent acquisition of Zephr by New Frontier Data and Lodestone Technologies by Yobi, another Canna Angels alum. The portfolio of 52 companies collectively have shown impressive progress and are considered industry leaders. Many are progressing through expansive growth and secondary raises.

Canna Angels CEO, Sherri Haskell attributes much of this success to the company’s focus on funding infrastructure and highly scalable technologies positioned as critical to industry success. Ms. Haskell shares, “The Canna Angels strategy, and dominant focus on technology innovators has positioned us as a draw for many of the brightest emerging leaders in the cannabis industry.” Haskell opines that the technologies building and sustaining the cannabis industry will be the foundation for broader global expansions.

Canna Angels is also pleased to announce the appointment of CEO Sherri Haskell to the Advisory Board of Cannabidose Medical, an exciting, visionary, Israeli company. Cannabidose, at the forefront of cannabinoid dosing solutions has accrued international patents and major contracts, including a partnership with Merck Group of Germany. Their award-winning design technology for innovative, precise, consumer delivery systems is garnering attention globally.


Canna Angels, a dedicated Angel-to-A investment consortium, is a proven leader at identifying and attracting exceptional investment opportunities in the cannabis industry. Our sole purpose is to provide our accredited investors with carefully vetted, high quality, emerging companies; those scalable and foundational to the industry.

Our discriminating investment thesis leads the opportunity curve, providing early access to potentially lucrative investments. The Canna Angels skillful team searches for, and diligently selects the most outstanding rising stars in the cannabis industry, to present to our Investor Members. Current investors include accredited, family office, wealth managers, funds, and boutique institutions.

Canna Angels’ goal is to maximize the potential for both entrepreneurs and investors to succeed as partners in the complex and dynamic opportunities offered in the cannabis industry.

Contact: Arlene Guzman   |   Cell: +1-415-517-5470   |


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