The rising stars of marijuana’s investment scene that everyone from Wall Street to Silicon Valley should know

Business Insider, Jeremy Berke and Melia Robinson
March 17, 2018 –
 Excerpt (Full article here)

As the legal-cannabis industry continues to grow at a breakneck pace, investors from Wall Street to Silicon Valley are seeing green.

Venture-capital investors from around the world spent $355 million on 100 marijuana-industry deals in 2017, and 2018 is on pace to break last year’s record. By the end of February, there were 19 venture-backed deals in the industry worth $176 million alone, and that doesn’t factor in the money investors have poured into hedge funds set up to take advantage of the budding industry.

For Business Insider’s first-ever list of rising stars in the marijuana-investment space, we asked readers to submit nominations and surveyed our past coverage of the industry. The list celebrates top investors from Wall Street to Silicon Valley and a number of places in between.

Federal prohibition has prevented most American institutional investors and top venture-capital firms from investing in the space. The situation has given rise to a number of marijuana-specific venture firms in the US — funded by high-net-worth individuals and family offices — and provided an opening for Canadian firms. Both these groups are well represented on our list.

We considered any active investors who have made investments in the marijuana industry, whether their contributions come from angel investing, venture capital, or hedge funds.

These are the rising stars of the marijuana-investment scene.


Sherri Haskell bridges the gap between accredited investors and carefully vetted marijuana startups as the founder and CEO of her own angel investment consortium.

Title: CEO and founder of Canna Angels LLC

Type: Angel Investor

Location: Sausalito, California

Canna Angels is on a mission to curate the top marijuana-related businesses in agriculture technologies, real estate, genetics, bioscience, and lab-data analytics.

Haskell, a former stockbroker, has raised $150 million in capital in her career. Her portfolio includes Civilized, a digital publication focused on marijuana, and the “Mary Kay for marijuana” startup Octavia Wellness.

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Canna Angel’s One-Year Anniversary

Canna Angels is so proud to be celebrating our One-Year Anniversary this January 10th!! What an amazing, super-sonically paced year it’s been. We are fortunate to have experienced a perfect storm of amazingly bright, tenacious, and innovative entrepreneurs; many of which are now well beyond their initial introductions on our platform.

We will be celebrating this milestone among our brightest rising stars and our expansive community of visionary investors this January 10, 2018. If you are an accredited investor, interested in learning more, please let us know.


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OPAL Group’s Alternative Investing Summit

Sherri Haskell, Canna Angels CEO was invited to moderate and be a featured speaker at the OPAL Group’s Alternative Investing Summit Dec 3-5, 2017 in Dana Point, CA.  Sherri recruited an impressive and diverse panel of experts representing various verticals within the industry. Topics covered national and international cannabis equity markets, cutting edge medical research initiatives, legal implications and prognostications, and most promising cannabis investing opportunities.  350 Attendees of institutional and family investors.

Canna Angels Opal Group Dec 2017

Full release HERE

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Opal Group’s Annual Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum West

CannaAngels LLC, a leading angel investment consortium focused on businesses relating to the cannabis industry, today announced that Sherri Haskell, Founder and CEO of CannaAngels, has accepted an invitation to speak at the Opal Group’s Annual Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum West. The Forum is being held on October 25 – October 27 at The San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California.


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Pot businesses rush to fill Santa Rosa industrial buildings

Sherri quoted in the Santa Rosa Democrat:

A group of New York investors with a $30 million real estate fund recently visited the area looking to buy properties for industrial and agricultural cannabis businesses”, said Sherri Haskell, founder of Sausalito-based CannaAngels investment firm, who helped the New York group make local connections.

Full release HERE

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